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Preparing For a Big Move According to Canadian Weather

There’s no doubt that living in Winnipeg is amazing. From exciting football games to  unique museums—there’s plenty to look forward to! But that doesn’t mean it’s always perfect. This is especially true when it comes to the weather! Winters are the harshest. And we’re not talking about -5C but -40C! The weather is unpredictable even […]

What to Look For in a Moving Company When Moving Out of Province

It’s not easy changing homes, especially when you’re relocating halfway across the country. It’s not just packing, gathering supplies, and balancing work that’s stressful. It’s also finding the right movers. While hiring movers is a great way to lessen the burden, not every company offers the same services. Some movers charge extra for providing supplies, […]

How to Set Up a Children’s Nursery from Scratch

Do you think it’s too soon to stop sharing the room with your child? Maybe they should get a little older so you can move them into their own room? Studies show that children after the age of 4 months sleep better in their own rooms. This means it’s time to prepare a nursery! Designing your […]

Tips To Keep Your Furniture Safe During A Move

Keeping the furniture safe during a move can be very tricky. There a lot of fragile items that needs to be handled with proper care. To make sure that everything is safe while making a move read this below.

Tips to Pack Kitchen Items Before a Move

Preparing the kitchen for packaging can be one of the hardest tasks during the moving process. There are items of varying shapes and sizes and the thought of packaging each one can make your mind spin. One simple way out of the mess is to package all the small items first and leave all the […]

Why You Should Consider Moving To Winnipeg

Winnipeg, the capital city of the Canadian province of Manitoba, isn’t just known for its friendly locals, but also for its incredible arts and cultural life. The city, affectionately known as ‘Winnie,’ has top rated attractions for tourists as well as its residents. If you’re in Winnipeg, don’t miss out on these wonderful opportunities to […]

5 Tips To Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Your home is your safe haven. When you return after a long day at work, it comforts you and gives you a sense of peace. You make a hot cup of coffee, sit in your favorite spot, draped in a blanket, to read a book. You unwind and relax; and the sense of familiarity soothes […]

The Ultimate Moving Out Checklist

Break down tasks with a to-do list and streamline the process of moving by managing the planning, preparation, and organization of boxes and packages. Make the process of moving easier through the ultimate checklist. Here are a few items that must be on your checklist to guarantee a smooth move.

Moving Out? Here’s What to Keep in Mind

Are you a fresh graduate moving out of your parent’s house or a family of four moving into a bigger home? Either way, the experience of packing and moving houses is stressful and nerve-racking. We want to help you get organized so that you can pack properly and make arrangements for the big moving day. […]