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Budget Friendly Moving: 5 Tips to Save A Lot of Money When Moving

Moving home probably means you’ve already done your fair share of spending. We’re talking the money you put down for your new home, furniture you might have had to procure for the place, initial payments on utilities and a whole lot else. What we’re trying to say is by the time you’re ready to start […]

Your Moving Out of State Checklist

To begin with, though the phrase moving states is more commonly thrown about due to a dominant and active global American media, we’re talking about what we locally call provinces. Moving from one province to another as you would imagine is quite different from say, simply shifting homes within the same town or city. There’s […]

Long Distance Moving: Tips and Pointers to Do it Right and Safe

Make no mistake about it; moving over a long distance can be a nerve-racking affair. Ask anyone who has moved out of state and they will tell you how many sleepless nights they endured as the date of the move approached. That being said, meticulous planning goes a long way in simplifying the needlessly complicated task […]

4 Things To Consider When Hiring A Professional Moving Company

Moving can be a very tricky affair; there are countless factors that you have to take into account—packaging, de-cluttering, figuring out logistics and double-checking. It can be a roller coaster ride. That’s why you bring in a professional moving company who can take on the manual labor. That being said, not all moving companies are […]

What’s THAT Sound: The Shatter of the Moving House!

Canada is on the move or so real estate statistics suggest. Those of you packing to move to a new home might be feeling a mixture of excitement, nervousness and sadness. After all, you are finally moving out of the place that holds immense emotional value. But at the same time there’s so much that needs […]

The Moving House Burden—Those Heavy Pieces of Furniture!

Canada’s real estate industry is fairly active with people buying property, renting space and shifting from place to place. When it comes to moving home, one of the most troublesome aspects of the process is moving out heavy furniture. Heavy furniture if not handled carefully can be damaged or worse, result in physical injury! What to […]

7 Essential Packing Supplies for Your Next Local Move

1. Boxes When you buy professional moving boxes they’re brand new, uniform in size and shape and easy to stack. Having uniform boxes makes loading the truck a much more pleasant experience because you won’t have to struggle to fill the gaps and odd shaped holes left behind by grocery store boxes.