4 Tips for Moving In The Middle Of Wedding Preparations

4 Tips for Moving In The Middle Of Wedding Preparations

Joshua Becker believes in leading a minimalist life and we believe that his ways to declutter a home can be useful—especially when you’re planning to move in together with your partner during the wedding preparations.

Planning a wedding isn’t easy. Moving in together is also not a piece of cake. Setting up a house for you to move into immediately after the wedding and planning for your wedding simultaneously is a horrible idea. But it’s an adventure nonetheless and a great bonding experience.

Here’s how to make sure things go smoothly:

Start Early

Starting early for big events in life—whether it’s a move or a wedding—is how smart people do it. If you’ve planned on living together in a new home right after your wedding, you would also have imagined entering the place hand in hand, as a married couple.

Do you want that fantasy to come crashing down because your furniture isn’t ready before your wedding day? We don’t think so.

Both these events are turning points in your life and you’d want both of them to go smoothly. Plan your move with the same zeal as you’re planning your wedding; research reliable moving companies in your area and book them at your earliest.

Schedule the Big Days

Schedule your moving day at least a week before the wedding so that you have your house ready before you actually start living there. This is especially for those couples who’ll be leaving for their honeymoon on the night of their wedding. You should schedule the moving day before the actual wedding so that you can come back to an already set-up home after your honeymoon!

4 Tips for Moving In The Middle Of Wedding Preparations

Evaluate Our Stuff

Whether you’re starting out completely fresh or are combining two households, your stuff is becoming his, and his stuff is becoming yours. Shopping for your home together is a good idea so that both of you can be happy with each item in your new home. This will also prevent you both from buying similar things if you shop separately.

Don’t Waste Any Trip

Every time you’re visiting your new home, make sure you take some of your belongings with you so that you can move in gradually. This will take away a huge burden from the actual moving day.

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