4 Ways To Cope with the Stress of Moving

4 Ways To Cope with the Stress of Moving

The process of moving can take a toll on not just your physical health, but also your mental well-being. A survey revealed that 25% of Canadians found moving to be more stressful than divorce or starting a new job. For some people, this stress stems from the fear of losing their precious items during the move, while for others, the stress of packing everything is too much to handle.

Whatever the case, it’s vital that you take a breath and acknowledge the beginning of a new stage of your life. Once you’ve done that, read these four ways that’ll help you cope with the stress of moving!

Give yourself time

Don’t make the common mistake of putting off your packing till the last minute. A vast majority of individuals underestimate how time-consuming and emotionally draining packing can be.

Packing isn’t all about dumping everything into boxes, at least not if you want to make unpacking a hassle-free experience. As a rule of thumb, start packing your belongings at least a week before moving day. Schedule accordingly and pack only one room a day to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Clear your head

Once you understand that stress is a natural part of the moving process, you’ll be able to cope with it much better. In such cases, think back to other stressful situations that you’ve faced in life and how you coped with them. By accepting stress and trusting your ability to handle it, you give yourself the best chance to perform the tasks that lie ahead.

4 Ways To Cope with the Stress of Moving

Remain organized

We understand that it’s hard to stay organized during a move, especially when you’re trying to get done with packing quickly. However, you’d be surprised at how much simpler the process of moving becomes once you sort your boxes out and label them. Labelling will also help movers identify which boxes need to be handled with care. In addition to this, staying organized will make your life easier when you’re unpacking.

Hire a professional moving service

A sure-fire way to rid yourself of the stress of moving is by hiring professional movers. There are now several moving companies in the market that even offer packing services. If you’re looking for a professional moving company in Winnipeg, reach out to us at Wiebe’s Moving & Storage. We provide services that range from storage to packing! For more information, contact us today!