Packing For A Move—A Complete Checklist

Packing For A Move—A Complete Checklist

Moving to a new area of town or a new city opens you up to a whole world of opportunities. It’s an exciting time, but there will be challenges that present itself along the way.

Moving can be an overwhelming process. There’s so much to take care of that you’re probably worried you’re going to miss something out.

Our moving experts have put together a checklist to help you pack better for your move:


The thought of packing your whole home into cardboard boxes sounds impossible. When you have too many things at home, finding that starting point to work from can be challenging. Declutter your home before you begin packing. Get rid of toiletries, cleaning products, stuff in the kitchen, refrigerator, etc.

Sort your remaining belongings in three categories, sell, trash, and donate. Sell the things that will get you good money, give away the products that would be useful to others, and trash the junk and perishable items near the “best by” date.

Pack one room at a time

Another packing strategy that works very well is to pack one room at a time. The area is much smaller to work with, making it easier. Label the boxes according to the rooms so it’s easier to unpack. When packing up one room at a time, you won’t forget anything behind either.

Buy packing materials and storage boxes

You need plenty of packing materials and boxes to store your belongings in. More cardboard boxes means you’re not putting too many things into a box. Our moving service provides sturdy storage boxes for your valuable and heavy belongings.

Other packing materials you will need include paper, bubble wrap, and good quality tape. Having enough of these supplies on hand makes it easier to pack fragile and valuable items.

Get rid of belongings that aren’t essential

Everything you own isn’t important enough to pack for a move. When moving, aim to remove as many things as possible. Belongings and supplies that can easily be bought near your new home should be done away with. The less you take along, the easier it is to pack and the cheaper it will be to move.

Know the items movers won’t take along

Packing For A Move—A Complete Checklist

Movers have a set of items that they aren’t allowed to load onto their trucks. To avoid the surprise, read up on items they aren’t allowed to carry; these typically include aerosol cans, batteries, solvents, cleaning supplies, fire extinguishers, paints, fuel, plants, etc.

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