Month: March 2019

How to Set Up a Children’s Nursery from Scratch

Do you think it’s too soon to stop sharing the room with your child? Maybe they should get a little older so you can move them into their own room? Studies show that children after the age of 4 months sleep better in their own rooms. This means it’s time to prepare a nursery! Designing your […]

Tips To Keep Your Furniture Safe During A Move

Keeping the furniture safe during a move can be very tricky. There a lot of fragile items that needs to be handled with proper care. To make sure that everything is safe while making a move read this below.

Tips to Pack Kitchen Items Before a Move

Preparing the kitchen for packaging can be one of the hardest tasks during the moving process. There are items of varying shapes and sizes and the thought of packaging each one can make your mind spin. One simple way out of the mess is to package all the small items first and leave all the […]