A girl sitting with a pet dog.

3 Essential Tips for Moving with a Dog

Having a pet dog can be a real blessing. These four-legged friends don’t just fill up your heart, but also make it stronger by keeping you active and healthy. They also improve your social life, and help you manage depression and stress. Therefore, when it comes to making a move, you must ensure that the transition is as seamless for them as possible. Remember, relocation can be overwhelming and ruff (pun intended) for your furry comrade.

Here are some essential tips for moving with a dog:

Get vaccination and medication records

The first thing you must do is call or visit your dog’s veterinarian to collect all their vaccination and medical records. If you’re moving away from the neighborhood, you can ask them to recommend some good veterinary clinics for your furry friend in the area you plan to relocate to. Also, get a prescription for sleeping medications if your dog suffers from motion sickness to make the commute easier for them.

Update the tag and pack the bag

It’s crucial that you update the information on your four-legged companion’s tag, including your new address and contact details. Moreover, it’s a good idea to get your dog microchipped to make sure the animal center or shelter can always trace you if your furry friend ever loses their way to the new place. Also, pack a bag with a leash, water, food rope toys, and a waste bag and keep it with you so you can grab essential items on the go.

A dog tag of a pet.

Take your furry friend with you

It goes without saying, but you should take up the responsibility of taking your pet dog with you in a vehicle, rather than asking movers to transport it in the truck. If you don’t have your own vehicle, ask a friend or book a pet-friendly ride. You could also buy a dog seat belt or a kennel to keep them safe during the commute. This will give them the assurance that you’re with them, and will bolster your existing bond.

Hire professional movers

It’s easy to become busy and distracted when preparing for a move. Having a team of trusted movers by your side will free up your time and will help you pay attention to your furry friend. You can check on your dog, take care of their needs, and take them out for walks before you make the move. This will help calm their nerves and make the relocation easier for them. Moreover, you can rest assured that the moving process will go seamlessly.

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