Budget Friendly Moving

Budget Friendly Moving: 5 Tips to Save A Lot of Money When Moving

Moving home probably means you’ve already done your fair share of spending. We’re talking the money you put down for your new home, furniture you might have had to procure for the place, initial payments on utilities and a whole lot else.

What we’re trying to say is by the time you’re ready to start packing, you probably want to start thinking about how to save a little!

Tips to Save When Moving

Once you’ve taken care of your heavy costs like real estate down payments, there are a few things you can do to save on the amount your spend during the packing and shifting process. Here are five of them!

Timing is Key

There are seasons where people prefer to move or shift more than others. Logistics here work similar to holiday season. Closer to vacation time, both ticket and lodging prices tend to go up. Off season is where you get the best rates!

Plan your move at a time when most others likely won’t. With Canada, an informed deduction would be that winter or autumn might be better times for you to schedule your move. Chances are you’ll get better rates.

Bill Cycles

If you plan carefully, you can save on overheads by making sure your move coincides with your last or closing bill cycle. This way you won’t be filling in dues for the old place while stressing about the new.

Bill Cycles

Contact your utility companies and coordinate a date for you to close both your old home and the dues that go with it.

Start Early

When it comes to packing, you don’t want to leave things for the last minute. Last minute packing would mean hiring packers to put away an entire house and that might mean spending more than you would want to.

It makes sense to start early and pack what you can on your own. This should save you a whole lot of money. Of course there are certain heavy or fragile items you don’t want to take your chances with which is where the professionals come in. Apart from that, doing what you can yourself will save you money. Start early and this won’t be a problem. Hire professional help when you need it!

Don’t Hoard

Shifting house is a great time to get rid of all those odd items, old redundant appendages and furniture that has long lost its look and sometimes use. Don’t hoard. Clear out, leave behind and scrap what isn’t necessary. Remember; the less you pack and carry, the less your costs work up to!

Book in Advance

Booking and contacting your moving company of choice in advance allows you to explore the best possible options by way of finances. If you’re lucky you might even be able to negotiate or avail some sort of early bird discount!


Putting all the above together should help ease your finances a little before your move. Some things of course like have having your utilities shut down on the day you move are more helpful than others.

There are also other little things you can potentially do such as save on boxes and cartons by salvaging old ones from your office or work space.

For those of you making that move in and around Winnipeg and Manitoba, our moving, packing and storing company would gladly be of service!