Cheapest Ways To Move Cross-Country

Cheapest Ways To Move Cross-Country

A cross-country move is no joke. This thrilling yet daunting process involves uprooting the life you’ve built for yourself and travelling hundreds or even thousands of miles to plant your roots in a new city, a new home.

You can make this experience all the more easier on yourself by entrusting a professional moving company to transport your precious possessions safely and with the utmost care.

The best part is that these services do not have to bite a huge chunk out of your wallet. Approach the right company and you can get affordable yet premium quality moving services for your long-distance move. Of course, the exact price depends on the distance you’re moving and how much ‘stuff’ is making the trip with you.

To help you save a little, here are some ways to make a budget-friendly cross-country move.

1) Choose A Date Wisely

Some people might not know this but choosing the right date has a big impact on the final price quote you’ll receive. To move across Canada while limiting cash outflow, avoid the most popular moving dates that typically include spring, summer and the beginning of school years. Aim for dates that fall during the winter or fall. It might be more of a challenge to make the long journey, but if you’re on a budget, it’s the best time to go.

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2) Get An Early Start

We’ve all heard the metaphor, early bird gets the worm. This couldn’t be truer when it comes to getting a head start in packing your possessions before the big day. A haphazard packing schedule might mean that you’ll need to hire packers, that’ll come with a price tag. Of course, it would be more prudent to hire professional help with certain fragile or cumbersome items. The fact remains; start early and saving a coin won’t be a problem.


3) Don’t Sleep On Booking A Moving Company

If you decide to take the help of a moving company, make the booking well in advance. This way you can have a variety of pricing options as the quotes might spike if you book at the last minute.


Taking all of the above into consideration, you should have a financially lighter moving experience. There are some minor changes that you can make that’ll nevertheless have a big impact. These include saving on cartons and boxes by recycling old ones and availing special deals from your moving company.

If you’re planning a major move across Canada, we would love to help out. Whether its packing, storage, moving or all three, you can count on our affordable, specialized long-distance services to get the job done. In addition to Manitoba, we can transport your items to Ontario, Saskatoon, Alberta and British Columbia.

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