Everything You Need To Know Before Moving To A New Place

Everything You Need To Know Before Moving To A New Place

You’ve signed the lease and said your goodbyes; but is this all there is to moving to a new place?

Not quite.

Moving out of your current home and into a new space requires considerable amount of planning, prepping and re-planning, folks.

Some of what is in order seems obvious, yet many people still find themselves in a pickle when poor planning takes its toll.

Before you make the big move, make sure you’ve covered the following areas.

· Update Your New Address

Sure, moving to a new location is exciting. Before you move though, inform your post office about the moving date and the new address. Also, change your address on important legal documents like your driver’s license.

· Pack An Overnight Bag

You might assume that unpacking would be a quicker process than packing, right? Wrong! It could easily take anywhere from a couple of days to even a whole month to unpack all of your belongings and place them in their appropriate spots. In the meanwhile, you’ll need an extra bag that has essential items like your toothbrush, undergarments, and the bare minimum cutlery.

· Packing Secrets

Packing Secrets

They key to minimizing the risk of ‘accidents’ while moving heavy items is packing them in the right sized boxes. Over-stuffing, incorrect labeling and improper packing of fragile goods are all common mistakes people make.

If you want to have a clearer idea about where each box is supposed to go when you start unpacking, try colour coding. Colour coding your boxes and cartons according to the room that each box is to be placed in can make your life a lot easier.

· You’ll Need To Hire A Moving Company

No matter how many times you’ve moved before or how much you love DIY, don’t think moving to a new place won’t require professional help. Do your research and contact affordable and reputable movers that provide the right price quotes and facilities for your particular situation.

If you have a move coming up, make your experience smoother by approaching a professional moving company like Wiebe’s Moving & Storage. We offer moving, packing & unpacking, storage, loading & unloading and more. We specialise in local (in Winnipeg), rural (throughout Manitoba) and cross-country moves within Canada.