How to Set Up a Children’s Nursery from Scratch

How to Set Up a Children’s Nursery from Scratch

Do you think it’s too soon to stop sharing the room with your child? Maybe they should get a little older so you can move them into their own room? Studies show that children after the age of 4 months sleep better in their own rooms. This means it’s time to prepare a nursery!

Designing your child’s nursery can be a highly rewarding experience, but it could be intimidating if you’re doing it for the first time. A standard nursery is made up of three main elements: the bedding, the furniture and the child’s accessories. Let’s unveil how to use all three of these to design a beautiful nursery.

Selecting the Bedding

Bedding includes pillows, sheets, blankets, and stuffed animals. Choose a bed sheet material that’s warm but also free of harmful dyes and chemicals. You’ll be able to find plenty of untreated cotton varieties at most baby shops.

Selecting the Bedding

Setting Up the Furniture

Choosing a crib

The furniture is usually the largest and most expensive purchase, so you need to be careful with what you’re choosing. The main thing that you’re likely to invest in is a comfortable crib. Try to pick designs that are simple so they can be easily mixed and matched with other items in the room.

Remember that children’s furniture is usually temporary so it’d help if the crib is adjustable or convertible to fit a bigger child. Don’t worry about the size though. You can always hire your local movers to transport the furniture to and from the nursery.

Positioning the crib
More important than the aesthetics of a nursery is its safety value. Hence, you want to place your crib in a place that minimizes the risk of the baby getting injured. For example, it might be tempting to position the crib near the window to let your child get some fresh air but that’s not a safe spot. Plus, you don’t want the sun glaring into your child’s face first thing in the morning. Tell your hired mover to position the crib in a relatively open area of the room.

Choosing a rocking chair
A rocking chair is a classic piece of nursery furniture on which you can read your child bedtime stories or lullaby them to sleep.

To improve comfort levels, go for padded seating with comfortable armrests. If your room allows enough space, go for wider chairs so you can accommodate yourself easily with your child.

Additionally, think about getting matching footstools or ottomans. Along with being a useful place to rest your feet, it can later be recycled as seating material for your child’s room.

Storing the Accessories
If you think about it, children tend to have more accessories in their room than a grown adult does. Storage is an important feature in nurseries and you’ll need plenty of it.

Have a separate space to keep your child’s toys and learning materials. Invest in bookshelves and racks that are walled in so they don’t tip over. If you’re going with a chest of drawers in the room, make sure the knobs aren’t pointed or jutting outwards.

Designing a nursery can be a pretty hands-on task. You might have to experiment with positioning the items in a few different places before you find the best arrangement. At Wiebe’s Moving and Storage, our professional movers are ever-ready to help you move furniture around and transfer it from the baby shop to your home.

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