Long Distance Moving: Tips and Pointers to Do it Right and Safe

Long Distance Moving: Tips and Pointers to Do it Right and Safe

Make no mistake about it; moving over a long distance can be a nerve-racking affair.

Ask anyone who has moved out of state and they will tell you how many sleepless nights they endured as the date of the move approached.

That being said, meticulous planning goes a long way in simplifying the needlessly complicated task of long distance moving.

We’ve compiled a list of tried and tested tips that will help you execute your move in an organized and timely manner.

So, if you’re moving over a long distance, here are a few steps you can take to ensure that both your personal safety and the safety of your property aren’t compromised during the move.

Tip #1 – Pack Right:

The most common mistake that people make? Not giving packing the attention it deserves—especially for fragile items like chinaware; people don’t bother to bubble wrap or even put so much as cushion foam in their boxes!

Generally speaking, every fragile item should be bubble-wrapped. Similarly, put your mattress in a box as this will ensure that mattresses quality doesn’t deteriorate during your move.

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Also, don’t make the mistake of packing food supplies as they almost certainly won’t survive the move.

Tip #2 – Label Your Boxes:

A simple yet effective way to minimize the hassle associated with long distance moves is to label all your boxes. This helps you avoid confusion as you’re always aware of the components of the boxes before you even open it. So, even if you have a photographic memory, we want you to label every box as this will make the move much easier for you.

After you’ve labeled all your boxes, we want you to index every package on a piece of paper. Keep this paper on you at all times during the move as it makes it impossible for you to forget an item during the move

Tip #3 – Consider Temporary Storage:

While everyone moving over a long distance would love to have their belongings and their property delivered directly from their old home to their new premises; it’s important to understand that this rarely happens. Often people have to store their less important items in a temporary storage.

From a pure a financial point, the decision to opt for a temporary storage makes a lot of sense as it significantly trims the moving bill and guarantees the safety of your property. So, if you would like to save a few hundred dollars during your long distance move, consider renting temporary storage options.

Tip #4 – Hiring the Right Movers:

This one’s a no-brainer; to ensure that your long-distance move goes through smoothly, opt for a company that specializes in this domain of transportation. Although local movers are almost always a good idea, they’re ill-prepared and simply cannot cope with the demands of a long distance haul.

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