Moving Out

Moving Out? Here’s What to Keep in Mind

Are you a fresh graduate moving out of your parent’s house or a family of four moving into a bigger home?

Either way, the experience of packing and moving houses is stressful and nerve-racking. We want to help you get organized so that you can pack properly and make arrangements for the big moving day.

Here are a few packing mistakes to avoid making moving easier and more fun.

Use The Move As An Excuse To Purge

Declutter your life and feel that heavy weight lift off your shoulders. The more things you have, the more nervous you’ll be about packing.

Take this opportunity to get rid of the mess. More often than not, people collect a lot of junk in the years they live in a house. Only when they start moving out do they realize the magnitude of their hoarding.

Sort out your things in piles for recycling and for donations. Throw away things that have no value and make the process of moving easy.

Pack One Room At A Time

You have to carefully strategize a game plan before starting the packing process. You can’t go around picking stuff at random and throwing them in boxes.

starting the packing proces

There must be a rhyme and reason to your madness. The best way to tackle it is by packing one room at a time. Start with your least used room, which is usually the guest room. Then swiftly move on to the living room and pack all the decoration, art pieces, and vases.

Pack your kitchen by slowly moving from the least used crockery to the juicers, blenders, pans, and dishes. Only keep essential plates, crockery and cooking utensils for meal prep. For the last few days before moving, have a couple of meals ready in advance so that you can pack your kitchen completely.


Labelling Is Key

When you’re packing just one room, know this, there will be lots and lots of cardboard boxes. It’s better to label them as you go so that you can transfer them to their designated rooms in the new house.

Gather Extra Supplies

It’s better to have extra packing supplies than to be left with none when you need them. Stock up on sturdy cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, and newspapers. Use old clothes to keep your kitchen china safe.

Don’t Over Pack—Keep It Light

As you are stuffing things in cardboard boxes, remember that you will have to carry them as well.

Even if you ask help from friends and family, the boxes must light enough to carry without breaking your back.

extra packing supplies

Don’t fill it to the brim. As you’re packing, keep picking up the box to gauge its weight.

Arrange For Transportation of Large Valuable Items

Don’t rely on your car to transport valuable art pieces and paintings. They need to be handled with care. It’s better to hire professional movers who are experienced and will safely transport all your large furniture pieces and valuable items.

Pack A Miniature Survival Kit

Before sending off everything with the pickup truck, remember to pack an overnight bag with your important documents, wallet, toiletries, medicines and a change of clothes.

It will take time to unpack, so it’s better to have a small bag to survive the first few days at your new house.

Hire a Reliable Moving Company

Whether you’re planning a local move within Winnipeg or a long distance haul across Canada, we’re here to help you. Our professional moving company is affordable, licensed, and insured and our trained and experienced staff will help with packing, storage and moving.

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