Pack Kitchen Items Before a Move

Tips to Pack Kitchen Items Before a Move

Preparing the kitchen for packaging can be one of the hardest tasks during the moving process. There are items of varying shapes and sizes and the thought of packaging each one can make your mind spin.

One simple way out of the mess is to package all the small items first and leave all the heavy-duty appliances to your local moving company. Here are a few tips on how to clear out the clutter in your kitchen and package things before professional movers arrive.

1. Pack Fragile Items Together

Teacups, vases and wine glasses are all easily breakable, hence they need to be packaged with a little more caution. Line your cardboard box with a layer of bubble wrap and make sure you fill in the teacups with some paper stuffing so they remain upright during the move. If you’re packing dinnerware then remember to stack each plate on top of the other and line them with some packing paper.

2. Minimize Waste

Try to store less food closer to the time you’re moving out. Certain food items will go bad if you leave them out for too long. Having shelves and fridge racks stocked with such foods will mean you’ll have to throw away more stuff. So while you’re minimizing the junk, also take a good look at any kitchenware you don’t use any more and would like to get rid of. You always have the option to donate or sell used items online.


3. Pack Drawer-Wise

A time-tested method to packaging all your material properly is to label the box with the name of the room where the items were taken from. This way you know that the bedroom box has all the items that should be placed inside that room.

Pack Drawer-Wise

In a similar fashion, package all your kitchen items based on the drawer that you took them out from. This way you have all your silverware separated from your china and unpacking them would be that much easier.

4.Turn off and Disassemble Appliances

When it comes to larger appliances in the kitchen you’ll have to prepare them well in advance. If you’re planning on having your freezer and refrigerator moved then make sure you unplug and defrost them at least 24 hours before the move.

Follow the appliance’s instructions manual and take apart the removable pieces. Clean them and place them inside a separate box that’s accurately labelled. Now wait for the movers to come in and do the heavy lifting.

Packing a kitchen can be a nightmare for many of us. One simple way out of the mess is to leave it to the pros and hire a local moving company to do the job. At Wiebe’s Moving and Storage, we have various packing supplies to help you during the moving process. If you’re moving within Winnipeg or relocating to a city within Manitoba, then we might be able to send you free recycled moving boxes. For additional savings, check out coupon offer for a $20 discount on your move!