Hire A Professional Mover

Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Mover

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to move to a new neighborhood or a new province. You’ve probably heard it a thousand times by now, leave packing and moving to the professionals.

Ever wonder why?

Whether it’s your beloved home or your office, it’s not exactly a walk in the park to pack up and move to a brand-new place. In fact, the process can be quite tedious and may even involve several sleepless nights.

With that being said, there is one major smart decision standing between you and a hectic move.

We recommend hiring a professional moving company like ours. We guarantee to make the entire moving affair simple and completely hassle-free.

Safety First

This isn’t just true for when you enter a vehicle. Moving experts will take all precautions necessary to minimise damage to your delicate china sets and heavy furniture pieces alike.

The team at Wiebe’s consists of experienced individuals who work together to pack and handle all categories of belongings in the securest way possible. This means that you don’t need to worry about moving precious items when local movers like us are around to do it for you.


When you hire a moving company, you’re ensuring that every activity during the move is specified and accounted for. When that final box arrives at your new home’s doorstep you can rest assured that the movers bear responsibility of relocating your belongings safely—taking the stress off of you!

box arrives at your new home’s doorstep

Fast and Efficient

Let’s be honest. The average person doesn’t have a lot experience moving an entire houseful of contents to a new place—at least not without some degree of harm to the pieces. A moving company is licensed to transport your things from one location to another. No matter the distance of the move, the movers know packing and moving techniques that you might not know. This makes things like squeezing an entire master bed through a narrow doorway quick and scrape-free.


If you’re on the look-out for local movers in Winnipeg, then your search is over. Wiebe’s Moving & Storage is a licensed and insured packing, moving and storage company with several years of field experience.

Be it a local, rural or cross-country shift, we ensure that you have as little to do as possible during the move.

Give us a ring at 1-888-329-8899 to learn more about our services!