Sleigh The Day: Moving After the Holidays, Done Right

Sleigh The Day: Moving After the Holidays, Done Right

The holidays are wonderful because you get to spend time with the people you love and cherish. But they can be equally stressful, especially when you’re the one hosting family dinner.

And if you have kids, their time off from school means that you’ll be busier than ever, running after them and trying to make them listen to you.

If you’re planning to move after the holidays on top of all this, it can feel like a nightmare, even as you tell yourself you’ve got the whole, “New Year, new house” thing down.

You have no idea where to start and how to make the process easier.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Here’s what you can do:

Pack Your Personal Belongings First

You need to get the headache of dealing with everything last-minute out of the way.

From your clothes to your makeup—and even the kids’ toys—make sure you start packing immediately. Leave items like heavy furniture for last.

Remember the saying, “It’s the small things that make a big difference”? That’s exactly what we’re talking about.

The last thing you need is dealing with small products and furnishings that seem to appear out of nowhere, especially on moving day. You’ll end up throwing everything into one box when that happens. Instead, get a separate box for your personal belongings, and label it.

Get Organized

Make sure you have separate boxes for everything; separate boxes for your belongings and separate boxes for the kids.

Moreover, don’t get just small or medium-sized boxes. Make sure you have boxes of every size. This will make organizing easier. You can keep small things in a small box and heavy furnishings in a larger one.

If you have wooden liquor boxes, you can utilize them to store heavy furnishings. If you have electronics, appliances, or a chandelier, you can pack them in large wooden liquor boxes as well. The sturdiness of the boxes will ensure that no damage occurs.

One of the problems with cardboard is that it’s vulnerable to wears and tear, so eliminate its use as much as you can.

Remember: Haste Makes Waste

Don’t stick to a deadline. You’ll end up with expectations and will wear yourself down. You don’t want to panic at the last moment because you were supposed to move into your new home within a week.

Remember, you’re moving everything you own to a new home. It’s hectic. It’s tiring. But most importantly, it’s not easy.

Give yourself at least two to three weeks to move. Also keep in mind that packing and moving isn’t the final goal. You’ll also need to unpack.

Start with your room and then move on to the living room and kitchen.

The key to making everything hassle-free is to plan everything accordingly.

Hire Professionals To Get the Job Done

A professional moving service can help make the process less stressful. While there are several options when it comes to packing services, if you’re looking for a  professional moving company in Winnipeg, reach out to us at Wiebe’s Moving & Storage. We provide services that range from storage to packing! For more information, contact us today!