A happy couple packing clothing items for a move.

The Expert’s Guide to Packing Clothes for a Move

Whether you maintain a minimalist closet or have a wardrobe full of outfits, packing your clothes for moving can be an overwhelming experience.

Many people throw their stuff into boxes without giving a second thought and end up spending days sorting out their clothing, which is not the right way.

Follow our guide to packing clothes for a move that contains three simple tips to make the process much more efficient all the way around.

Set aside your moving-day outfits

Put a couple of outfits to one side for moving the day before you start packing. It will help ensure you don’t accidentally put them with the rest of the clothes.

Moving day can be exhausting, and you might want to open your boxes the next day. So, having a pair of clothing to change after a tiring day is a smart idea.

If you’re moving during the winters, you might want layers to stay warm.

A variety of clothing items organized in a drawer for a move.

Declutter before you pack

You should get rid of all the clothes that you no longer wear or planning to save space. Sort your clothes into different sections.

For instance, the “don’t want” pile should contain items you want to donate and sell. Also, pack regular clothes and off-season clothes separately.

If you have clothes that can easily get wrinkled, you can transport them on a hanger.

Use luggage bags to pack your clothes

If you get too overwhelmed by the boxes and want to keep your clothes separately, use luggage bags to pack your clothes.

Modern luggage bags with wheels will allow you to carry your clothes anywhere without any hassle. It will also minimize your need for extra boxes.

You have to move your luggage anyway, so why not utilize it.

Hire professional movers

Having professional movers by your side when moving to a new home can be a blessing. From packing your clothes to unboxing, they’ll take care of all the tasks.

Work with a licensed and insured moving company to ensure your clothing and other items are safely transported to your new home.

If you’re looking for a reputable moving company to facilitate you during the move, get in touch with  Wiebe’s Moving & Storage. Based in Winnipeg, we’re a professional moving company that provides specialized moving, storage, and packing services. We also offer emergency and long-distance moving at affordable rates. Call at our toll-free number 1-888-329-8899 to get started!  

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