The Moving House Burden—Those Heavy Pieces of Furniture

The Moving House Burden—Those Heavy Pieces of Furniture!

Canada’s real estate industry is fairly active with people buying property, renting space and shifting from place to place.

When it comes to moving home, one of the most troublesome aspects of the process is moving out heavy furniture. Heavy furniture if not handled carefully can be damaged or worse, result in physical injury!

What to Do

Get a Grip

Do not be hasty about moving heavy items. Feel about, see which points on the furniture can serve as stable gripping points and try to get a sense of how you will balance.

Get a Grip

 Two Heads

When moving heavy furniture, two, three or even four heads are much better than one! Depending on the weight of the item you wish to move. Figure out the number of hands it will take to move a particular piece of heavy furniture and act accordingly.

Get a Load Off

If you’re moving storage equipment, make sure they are emptied. We’re talking cupboards, cabinets and drawer chests to name a few. Emptying out storage furniture will help make the load or weight far more manageable. It will also prevent things from crashing about within!

Blanket Statements

If you’re moving something heavy and valuable, such as a closet made of ebony or purple heart for instance, cover the corners or edges as well as the rest of it with cloth. This will prevent it from getting scratched or damaged.

Straps, Sliders and Pulleys

These items are available at hardware stores. On a flip side, any decent moving company will probably have a team equipped with the same. Use these accessories to help move, maneuver and manage heavier loads. Pulleys are particularly useful when moving something down the stairs!

Turn Over Couches

When trying to get long couches through doorways, it helps to flip them over vertically. You will need one or two people depending on size and weight for this. Once vertical, the couch can be lifted and removed easily!

Hire a Professional Team

There are highly experienced professionals who have moved hundreds of heavy items for hundreds of moving clients. Hire such a team to help really streamline the process. A professional team will also ensure that no physical injuries are sustained.


Moving heavy furniture can be a daunting task but with the right technique and support from a professional team is very manageable. If you’re looking for local and long distance moving as well as storage and packing services in Winnipeg we’ve got you covered! Check out our service options or give us a shout for more information!