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The Subtle Art of Becoming a Good Neighbor in a New Neighborhood

Canadians do a lot of moving. More than five million people in the Great White North have relocated in the last five years alone. Some common reasons that prompt them to move include a new job, the size of their family increasing or decreasing, retirement, and increased buying power. In addition to unpacking woes, getting acquainted with new neighbors can be a massive challenge for many people, especially when settling in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

Establishing good relationships with the people who live next door is essential, and can bring about stress relief. The best part is that it’s not very difficult to be a genuinely good neighbor. Here’s the subtle art of becoming a good neighbor in a new neighborhood:

The good ol’ “Hello Neighbors!” introduction

The first thing you need to do is meet your neighbors a couple of days before your scheduled move and let them know that you’re in a few days. They will appreciate the gesture and expect the usual moving activities. If you met them previously to learn about the neighborhood, you might already be familiar with them. Either way, don’t be shy about introducing yourself and become acquainted.

Exchange contact details

Once the moving process is complete, and you finally settle in the new space, you might have several interactions with your neighbors. Ask them questions about the neighborhood to gain insights about the new area when you build a rapport, exchange contact details with them so you can communicate in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Good neighbors can make a big difference in your quality of life—for the better.

A girl taking a selfie at a housewarming dinner party.

An amazing “housewarming” party

It’s always (read: in most cases) a good idea to invite your family and friends to a housewarming party when you relocate to a new home. Make sure to RSVP to your neighbors to establish a great new relationship. If you’ve made a long-distance move and can’t invite your loved ones, you can host a party or street BBQ exclusively for your neighbors to get acquainted. Remember, first impressions last, and such gestures can go a long way.

Bring professional movers on board

What does “being a good neighbor” have to do with professional movers? A lot, actually. As we said, the first impression matters a lot. Nothing spoils your image in a new neighborhood than being unkempt when making a move. Having professional movers by your side means all your items are properly packed and moved into the new home. Your front yard will remain clutter-free, and you won’t damage the pavement when moving heavy furniture.

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