Ultimate Moving Out Checklist

The Ultimate Moving Out Checklist

Break down tasks with a to-do list and streamline the process of moving by managing the planning, preparation, and organization of boxes and packages.

Make the process of moving easier through the ultimate checklist. Here are a few items that must be on your checklist to guarantee a smooth move.

Start Planning Months In Advance

Don’t wait around for the moving day to start your packing. Take steps to start the planning months in advance. Two months is enough time to create a checklist with all the tasks that need to be carried out—from making small repairs in your current house, to fixing plumbing issues, and making arrangements for the last days before the big move.

Create A Realistic Budget

Make a realistic budget for moving expenses weeks in advance. Allot money for professional movers, new furniture, packing supplies, and last few utility payments.

Book A Moving Company

Try to be proactive and book a moving company at least a month before moving day. Iron out the details and book the packages and deals that suit your needs.

Request Time Off For Moving Day

It’s better to let your manager know weeks ahead before taking a day off to shift to your new home.

Plan A Garage Sale

Sort out your belongings and arrange for a garage sale of things you don’t need. Not only will this help get rid of the mess, but it can also help you earn some extra cash.

A Garage Sale

Take Measurements Of New Place

Make sure you measure your new place thoroughly before moving in. Measure the doors, windows and the space between each entrance. It should help you maneuver large furniture and other valuables on moving day.

Start Packing Weeks before the Move

Don’t wait till the last day before packing your things. Start small and start putting away unused items, decoration pieces, and kitchen utensils and appliances in the coming weeks.

Pack Your Personal Items In Suitcases

hire professional movers

Even if you hire professional movers, you still need to pack your personal belongings in suitcases. Make sure you keep all important and valuable jewelry, clothes, and documents in luggage bags that can either go in the moving truck or travel with you in your car.

Label Your Boxes And Mark Them As ‘Fragile’

Don’t forget to label each box with the designated items or the room it belongs.

If you are packing fine china and glass pieces, label them fragile so that movers know to handle those with care.

Change Your Address

Before making the final move, change your address on official papers a week before the move. This will ensure all your packages and mail arrives in the new postal address.

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