Moving And Packing Tips You Need

Top 3 Moving And Packing Tips You Need To Know!

Changing houses brings many challenges. Perhaps a bigger hurdle than making the actual move is getting around to the packing.

In this world, there are two types of packers—the ones who pre-plan and those who lounge around until the last minute to sort through their house items.

No matter which category you fall into (we hope you fall in the first!), there are several wise packing hacks out there which will make the whole affair efficient with an E.

Ready to discover what the top three are?

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Learn To Separate

Unlike peanut butter and jelly, some items just don’t go together. When it comes to packing, some things are downright hazardous to lug with other pieces. It’s best to place them in completely separate, labeled boxes to prevent problems.

What items are we talking about?

Painting equipment, cleaning chemicals, mechanical tools, auto batteries, prescription drugs—these are all things that need to be packed separately in clearly marked boxes. In case of fragile items, we recommend using packing them in foam pellets to avoid a mess.


Unpack Like A Pro

After you’ve made the big move, it’s time to unpack. Make the task less of an ordeal with this unpacking trip. Create a pull tab that you can open boxes with—no box cutters needed.

All you have to do is place a short piece of wool string in the middle of box flaps you want to open. Tape it nice and tight and there you go! Simply pull that string and start unpacking!

Buy Moving Boxes—A lot of them

If you cram all your belongings in a few cardboard boxes lying around the house, you’re only inviting trouble for yourself. This is not the area to be stingy in. Invest in high-quality boxes of various sizes that are specially designed for moving purposes.

When loading the truck, a rule of thumb to remember is to ensure the largest boxes weigh 50 pounds or less. Or, simply hire a professional moving and packing company to effectively do the work for you!


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