What’s THAT Sound: The Shatter of the Moving House!

Canada is on the move or so real estate statistics suggest. Those of you packing to move to a new home might be feeling a mixture of excitement, nervousness and sadness. After all, you are finally moving out of the place that holds immense emotional value.

But at the same time there’s so much that needs to be done. From all that needs to be packed to arranging transportation, there’s a lot you need to plan.

 Packing it In

Apart from fixing up and cleaning the home before locking up, packing is a crucial part of any home move. Items you must pack and transport include furniture, valuables, personal affects and other such things.

 For the Fragile

Fragile items may include showpieces, your loved guitar or even electronic equipment—anything that might sustain damage if mishandled. We’re going to list five things that can be easily damaged and share a little on how you may keep those damages to a minimum.


Pottery can be easily damaged or broken completely during a move. The best way to store pottery is by using bubble wrap or even cloth to protect items from shock and prevent damage. Items must be wrapped extensively before being placed in a box filled with packing foam!

Art Work

Artwork; whether a painting or an installation is expensive. Certain art pieces are also prone to wear and damage. Framed work should be covered with paper on both ends, followed by cloth and finally bubble wrap. Also ensure that all frames are stored in a way that prevents them from being damaged. Do not place heavy items over the frames. Last but not least, keep your artwork or frames well away from pointed objects.

Other art pieces might be wrapped and stored similar to pottery. Extra caution might be required for some of them. There are companies who specialize in the wrapping of artwork however a reliable moving company will do just as well!

Glass, Ceramics and Crockery

Again here whether it’s your set of plates or any other ceramic wear or decoration, keeping the items from shock is crucial. Similar to pottery this can be done using cloth, paper, bubble wrap and packing foam. You could also mix and match using a combination!

Sports Equipment

Though it might not seem like it, sports equipment is also prone to breakage especially if it is stored wrong in the moving truck. Make sure you keep your sports items stable and away from other cumbersome objects.

Musical Instruments

If you’re someone who plays an instrument you’re probably already super careful about it! We will discuss them just the same. Make sure your instruments are placed in the protective casing you got them in. For items like drums or percussion instruments, make sure the skins are protected and kept away from sharp objects.


If you’re clever and careful while moving, you’ll probably be happy to find all your stuff intact upon arrival at your new home. It is always extremely helpful to hire a reliable and experienced team of movers to help make your life easier and ensure safe transport. If you’re looking for local and long distance moving as well as storage and packing services in Winnipeg we’ve got you covered! Check out our service options or give us a shout for more information!